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First continuous test runs at Piszkéstető

The hexapod with a single camera is now installed in the dome of an 50cm telescope. The wooden structure allows us to easily cover the device prototype with a blanket if it is not used during daytime and/or for a longer period due to bad weather. This structure supports the flat lamp as well. ... and in addition, it also supports the flat screen. This is, currently, two parallel sheets of plain white A4/letter-size papers. The lamp lights the dome, hence the primary flat screen (lower sheet of paper) gets light that scattered three times - yielding rather homogeneous images. Close-up of the lens and the primary flat screen. The foreground ribbon cable is for the Canon/SPI connection while in the background, the humidity and background thermal emission sensors can be seen mounted on a small (also wooden) platform. Many collegaues work and help us during the daily operations: project members (G. Csépány) ... ... and non-project members as well (B. Csák). They are either not aware of being watched (L. Kriskovics) ... ... or knowing that they are watched (K. Vida).

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